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Tactile Touchscreens

Tactus Technology is a company that develops a tactile user interface for touch-screen devices.


When needed, transparent physical buttons emerge from the screen and users can push them as required. When disabled, they recede back into the screen leaving the original flat touch-screen surface.

Shown at the recent CES2013, there’s a report and video from the BBC at

More details about the company can be found at


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All the twelves …a marker for a point in time


3Gear Systems

3Gear Systems have recently announced the release of their SDK for adding gestures to applications using a pair of Microsoft Kinect devices. This is a proof of concept for their technology rather than a finished device.

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Read more details about their work at

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Printed Optics

Interesting research from Disney Research,

explores using 3D printing with custom optical elements for interactive devices.

This embeds sensing, display and illumination features into the body of a device using Light Pipes printed with optically clear material.

(original link at:

Read more about the project and some potential uses at

or read the research paper Printed Optics: 3D Printing of Embedded Optical Elements for interactive Devices at

Other Useful Links:

Light Pipes:

LED light Pipes:

News Software


EvoShape is an innovative new CAD tool that generates and evolves original styling concepts. Designers and consumers alike can create novel, aesthetically appealing and inspirational shapes in just a few minutes.

Genetic data-structures and simulated procreation are employed to create a highly intuitive concept. New shapes can be bred simply by selecting or scoring objects from successive populations.

Developed by Ian Graham at Loughborough University.

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