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I was not able to go to SIGGRAPH 2013 held recently (July 21-25) at the Anaheim Convention Center but did come across some useful information on-line.

Here are a couple of interesting preview videos

Emerging Technologies

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Technical Papers Preview

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Other related videos can be found on the ACM SIGGRAPH YouTube Channel at

Other useful information is available from the SIGGRAPH web-site at

News Research

Printed Optics

Interesting research from Disney Research,

explores using 3D printing with custom optical elements for interactive devices.

This embeds sensing, display and illumination features into the body of a device using Light Pipes printed with optically clear material.

(original link at:

Read more about the project and some potential uses at

or read the research paper Printed Optics: 3D Printing of Embedded Optical Elements for interactive Devices at

Other Useful Links:

Light Pipes:

LED light Pipes:


Mockup Builder

Mockup Builder: Direct 3D Modelling on and above the surface in a continuous interaction space.

Researchers from the Technical University of Lisbon, Portugal and the University of Lille, France have developed a semi-immersive environment for conceptual design providing the ability to create and manipulate 3D shapes in a stereoscopic environment using gestures on a multi-touch surface display and in the space above the surface.

The system uses a multi-touch table with a  3D projector for stereoscopic visualisation. A Kinect sensor is used together with 2 Gametraks to track gestures on and above the Surface.

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The work was presented at the Graphics Interface 2012 conference in Toronto and a paper will be published in the proceedings.

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