The Landscape Project


The CAD Landscape is an online directory of companies active in, and related to, CAD (Computer Aided Design) applications and was inspired by A Categorized Directory of 3D Graphics Software Companies created by Bill Buxton.

The CAD Landscape was also an experiment in Social Bookmarking with the aim of establishing  a community of contributors to create a repository of companies and other information related to the CAD industry.


It worked pretty much in the same way as personal bookmarks, or favourites, that you might use in a web-browser but the information was stored in a publicly available location.

Links are categorised to group together companies with similar offerings.

Future plans included, the development of additional tools to mine the data to uncover trends, conceptual maps, or other strange attractors.

The simplicity of this application makes it ideal to use for experimenting with the current technology available for creating a distributed processing/data (or cloud) application