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Connect from Windows 7 to Ubuntu – Part 1

I’m running Ubuntu on a Dell Inspiron 910, commonly known as the Dell Mini 9, which is being used to host my development/test node.js server.

It’s more convenient to use the keyboard and screen connected to my laptop so here’s how I set up the mini9 in order to use Windows Remote Desktop Connection.

  1. On the Ubuntu machine, install the Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) Server xdrp from the Software Center.
  2. To enable Windows Remote Desktop Connection to connect to an ubuntu user , create a document called .xsession on the Users home drive containing
    gnome-session --session=ubuntu-2d
  3. Determine the ip address for the Ubuntu machine (e.g. using ifconfig)
  4. On the Windows 7 machine, run the Remote Desktop Connection program ( from All Programs… Accessories) using the ip address of the server.

Thats all there is…