Gadget Hardware

PowerUp 3.0

PowerUp 3.0 is used to create a Smartphone Controlled Paper Airplane. It’s a device with a propeller on one end and a receiver on the other which is fitted to a paper plane. The plane is controlled by a smartphone app using Bluetooth technology, has a range of 180 feet and is charged via a USB cable.


PowerUp 3.0 had a (very) successful Kickstarter Project, achieving pledges to a total of $1,232,612 from a goal of $50,000


How do you use it ?

  • Fold It: Simply fold a piece of paper into a paper airplane
  • Attach It: Attach the Smart Module to your paper plane with the patented clips underneath the Smart Module.
  • Connect It: Start the app to connect to the Smart Module with your iPhone.
  • Fly It: Push throttle to full and launch the paper airplane high up into the sky. Tilt your smartphone to the left or to the right to steer your plane, increase or reduce throttle to go up or down.

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