Structure Sensor

The Structure Sensor is a 3D sensor for mobile devices and allows developers to create applications which can use the captured 3D depth data.


It uses structured light to capture depth data. Structured light uses a laser projector to cast a precise pattern of thousands of invisible infrared dots onto objects and spaces. It then uses a frequency-matched infrared camera to record how the pattern changes, thereby understanding the geometry of those objects and spaces. As a result, the Structure Sensor can generate a VGA depth stream at 30 frames per second, with each pixel representing an exact distance to a real-world point.

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The Structure Sensor has a sensing range of 0.4 to 3.5 m and a resolution of 640×480 pixels at 30-60 frames a second to a precision of 1% of measured distance. Its rechargeable, integrated lithium polymer battery allows for 3-4 hours of active sensing or 1000+ hours at standby.

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It works with iPads using a Lightning connector or other devices with a standard USB port (using a USB Hacker Cable available separately) and is available from $379 at

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