Apple Pencil


The Apple Pencil is an additional accessory which can (only) be used in conjunction with the forthcoming iPad Pro (scheduled to be available in November 2015).

It’s something I’ve been waiting for since the first iPad was released way back in 2010 and should provide that extra bit of precision in addition to the versatility of multi-touch.


There are certain minimum requirements in a stylus which all seem to have been covered in the design of this “electronic pencil”

  • Latency – how fast the system responds when a line is being drawn
  • Pressure sensitivity – pressing harder to produce thicker lines

An additional feature is the ability to produce shading effects by varying the angle (tilting) the pencil tip when drawing.


The pencil has an in-built battery which should last for 12 hours following a full charge. In an emergency, 15 seconds of charge will provide 30 minutes of use. It is charged from the iPad Pro using a lightning connector.


If being a little churlish, I would have liked the top of the pen being available to be used as an “eraser” but hey, well done Apple, this new stylus looks to be a very useful addition especially if you work with a lot of drawings or CAD applications.