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Microsoft HoloLens

The HoloLens is a product under development by Microsoft and is scheduled for release at the same time as their Windows 10 o/s. It provides functionality similar to other products in the realm of augmented and virtual reality – currently “hot” topics!

A hologram is an image of an object which is superimposed in your view of the real world. It is not a real object and cannot be felt or touched because it doesn’t have any mass. A user views the object using specially designed lenses or glasses which incorporate technology to create images on the lens surface. Some devices incorporate sound, through speakers, to provide a more immersive experience.

Microsoft HoloLens features see-through, holographic, high-definition lenses and spatial sound so you can see and hear holograms in the world around you. Complete with advanced sensors and a new Holographic Processing Unit (HPU) that understands the world around you, Microsoft HoloLens is able to run without any wires while processing terabytes of data from the sensors in real-time.


Further information is available from the Microsoftwebsite at