Mighty and Napoleon


I notice that the debate continues to rage about the Creative Cloud from Adobe.

This is the new software subscription based model, intended to replace the boxed version of Creative Suite.

Rather than continue this debate here, I thought I would highlight another couple of items described at the recent MAX 2013 conference.

Project Mighty – is a cloud connected pressure sensitive digital pen.

Project Napoleon (named because its a short ruler) – is a digital ruler.

See them demonstrated in the following video:


These tools would prove particularly useful for CAD applications.

Could this be a signal that Adobe wants to move into hardware ?

I also particularly liked the feature of a Cloud Clipboard which enables you to cut items from the sketch on one device and paste it onto another device – the freedom to transfer data in this way is a very powerful tool and demonstrates the importance of the interaction of software on multiple devices.

I think the devices are probably only currently in prototype form but you may find out more by registering on the Adobe site at