Gmail – Scrolling through Labels

Has something affected your ability to scroll through your labels in Gmail ?

I’m not sure when this started happening, but I recently noticed that I could no longer scroll through my labels when using Gmail in Chrome on my desktop.

A “More labels option (button) is now available under the visible labels and a scroll bar appears if you select this button – now you can scroll through the list of labels and the button changes to Fewer labels

Even worse, however, if you scroll down through your list and pick on one of your labels – the mail associated with that label are displayed as usual BUT the button reverts back to “More labels” again removing the ability to scroll back up the list. In my case, I had to reselect “More labels” to get the scroll bar in order to get back to my Inbox (which is near the top of the list !!)

Solution is quite simple – unselect the option  “Touch-enabled”

How ?

Under Gmails Settings…Display Mode…

you’ll find a new option Touch-enabled in addition to the usual Comfortable, Cosy and Compact modes.

This setting is the cause of the problem on my non touch-enabled desktop machine.

It’s not clear how it became selected – possibly, when I accessed Gmail from my iPad, Google changed it for me on ALL my devices.

Come on Google – why not test your improved “user experience” before releasing changes like this. In this case its simply backwards compatibility – believe it or not, not every device is touch enabled. Perhaps if you (and other companies) concentrated more on the Usability of your software, problems like this wouldn’t arise.