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Have recently been investigating using the Leap Motion gesture controller device I thought it worthwhile looking at some of the competition. The DUO is a project to develop a DIY gesture control device that you can build yourself. It would incorporate two PS3 Eye cameras for tracking hands and objects to provide a Natural User Interface for controlling applications running on your computer.


The idea behind the project, is to provide a kit of parts that you assemble yourself into a working unit, but the device will also be available as a fully assembled unit. Together with the hardware, an open source Driver, SDK and examples would be provided to result in a professional grade solution for 3D sensing using stereo vision.

Currently only available as a prototype, the device works equally well in dark and light environments and provides tracking of fingers, hands and other objects in the space above the device when placed on a desktop. Built from readily available components, the DUO is intended to provide an easy and inexpensive way to explore the world of human computer interaction.

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In an attempt to raise funds, the project appeared on the “crowdfunding” website Kickstarter.

Gathering almost 500 backers, the project raised pledges totalling $62,529 but failed to reach its funding target of $110,000. The company will now focus on developing manufacturer and partner relationships and the DUO Kit phase has come to an end.

It will be interesting to see if the product ever comes to the market. In the meantime, the Leap Motion device continues to impress with both ASUS and HP announcing their intention to incorporate LEAP technology into their laptops/netbooks.