LEAPing about

The Leap Motion controller senses individual hand and finger movements that can be used to control your application. When connected, the device provides 8 cubic feet of 3D interaction space.

I’ve been waiting for one of these for a while (I have been registered as a member of the developer program for more than 6 months) and was beginning to wonder how long it would be before I could get my hands on one, when I got a package delivered today containing the following box.
The BoxSo it does exist. (Ok, I had tracked the package having got an earlier email that it was on it’s way – less than 24 hours from its initial location in the Czech Republic to the Midlands in the UK). Please note: initially, this device is currently only available to members of the LEAP developer program see for more details.
What's Inside ?Contents are the LEAP device, about the size of a “large” USB memory stick and a USB cable.
contentsThis Developer version, is enclosed within a stainless steel case, has a rubberized base and USB connection point.
BaseAnd looks like this from the top.
Top ViewNext stage is to install the Developer SDK, test the device and get programming.

For more details about the LEAP device, visit